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  • I was not on board with hockey for the longest time because games ended in a tie, and even though I’m still not a big hockey fan, I like that the NHL decided to change that rule and have shootouts.  You get that same feeling like you did after the 2000 presidential election, after all the hype and buildup, you’re left thinking . . . ok, now what?  That’s how I felt after watching the U.S. play England in that World Cup game on Saturday afternoon.
  • And my gosh am I ignorant . . . we had guests over so the volume was down while the start of the game was about to begin and after seeing that white and red flag cross on the field instead of the Union Jack, all I could think of was  . . . I thought we were playing England?  I’m sure I’m not the only yank that thought the same thing.
  • The buzzing noise coming from the crowd was annoying, but I hear that’s going to be addressed in further telecasts.
  • And in case you ever wondered why some folks call it soccer, find out here.
  • Ive’ been catching up on some Texas Country Reporter episodes, man it’s been great rediscovering that show and just setting the DVR to catch every episode..  This show covered the great city of Clyde about an arm-wrestling champion and the dancing that goes on at the Grand Ole Oplin, something a lot of Hardin-Simmons students use to frequent often.
  • Car Talk on NPR talked about a great practical joke pulled on a person who was obsessed with tracking his one mile-per-gallon.  Basically, the guys at work use to put extra gas in the guy’s gas tank and he would come in bragging about his miles, which came close to 60 miles-per-gallon.  Before he got too big of a head and started to contact the news, they started to take gas out of his tank.
  • Ride On BabyGeeding
  • I saw an interesting National Geographic special in which a killer whale killed a great white shark.
  • I think Amy Matthews of the DIY Network has got some work done, if true, that’s a darn shame.
  • My wife only thinks I haven’t changed a diaper yet.  I just change them when she’s not around or sleeping.
  • I’m at the part in my book in which the author describes the details of inauguration day for Obama, and it addressed some items I always wondered about such as how prepared is the government if an attack happened during the transition.  It turns out there were 17 different contingency plans if one should have happened, and if a bomb went off during Obama’s speech, it was decided it would be best for him to finish the speech as a sign of democracy’s speech.  Up to this point, the book gives lots of details on the banking and financial aspects of the upcoming administration.  If you are interested, Jim Cramer talks a little about it in an interview with the author.
  • After Vice President Biden and the Speaker of the House Pelosi, can you name who is next in the presidential line of succession?  Personally I find the answer troublesome, because it’s President pro tempore of the Senate, who just happens to be the 92-year-old senator from West Virginia and former KKK member, Robert Byrd.
  • Real names of 23 fictional characters
  • Fellow Christian fans of U2 may enjoy this DVD review.
  • Fully functional LEGO gun
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Mtoots says:

    Have you seen the Tx. Country Reporter story of the RAF training facility in Terrell? Your wife's g/mother's picture appears in that story…….she taught many of those soldiers their instrument training during WWII.

  2. dan says:

    The sound during the World Cup games is a plastic horn called the vuvuzela, which is popular in Africa. It doesn't really bother me, it represents the energy of the crowd. FIFA was going to ban them but decided not to. Some of the teams say that they can't communicate on the field; the French team says it can't sleep at night and I've heard that ESPN will try to remove the sound during the broadcasts. It does make me wonder what it must be like in the stadium to hear that buzz ["a ferocious swarm of radioactive bees"] up close and continuously. The horn-blowers must have tremendous lungs to blow on those things for over 90 minutes.

  3. dan says:

    Great Minds: my son-in-law and I noticed the same thing about the Flag of England. He thought England had decided to suddenly change their flag after hundreds of years of flying the Union Jack. I assured him they wouldn't just change their traditional flag but I also could not explain where the flag of England came from.

  4. dan says:

    What did you say??? The WSJ today had a story regarding an institute for hearing disorders that measured the decibel level for the vuvuzela at 127. At 100 decibels hearing loss starts in just 18 minutes

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