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Immigrant farm workers’ challenge: Take our jobs

SAN FRANCISCO – In a tongue-in-cheek call for immigration reform, farm workers are teaming up with comedian Stephen Colbert to challenge unemployed Americans: Come on, take our jobs. Farm workers are tired of being blamed by politicians and anti-immigrant activists … Continue reading

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Technology Buying Power Over the Years

In 1964 with 152 hours of work at the average wage of $2.50 per hour would buy you this. In 2010, the average wage is now $19, and after working 152 hours you can buy this. Details @ blog.american.com by … Continue reading

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Who Tall Are You Mirror

This playful mirror eschews feet and inches in favor of celebrities. Now you can brag that you’re as tall as Muhammad Ali. If you’re short, just say you have something in common with Bruce Lee. TheAwesomer.com

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Debbie Gibson, Tiffany to battle in Syfy movie

Syfy has cast 1980s pop-star rivals Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in one of the network’s signature Saturday night original movies. The network promises an epic battle between the former teen pop stars, who will co-star in “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.” … Continue reading

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Alex Trebek AutoTunes Category on Jeopardy

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North Korea seeks $65 trillion in damages from US

SEOUL: Cash-strapped North Korea demanded on Thursday that the United States pay almost $65 trillion in compensation for six decades of hostility. The cost of the damage done by the United States since the peninsula was divided in 1945 is … Continue reading

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Disposable Wine Glass


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Preachers Too Timid When Preaching on Giving, Says Report

LONDON – Churches risk losing out on large amounts of donations because pastors and church leaders are too timid when it comes to preaching about financial needs and the importance of giving, according to a new report out this week. … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I caught the ESPN 30 on 30 – June 17,1994 special over OJ’s ride in the white Bronco.  Man, that brought back some memories.  I remember that I was a recent high school graduated and my friend Charles and I … Continue reading

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