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Lost’ exclusive: ABC sets the record straight about the series finale’s plane crash images

You know those Oceanic 815 plane crash images that ran after Jack’s (Matthew Fox) eye closed and the “Lost” logo appeared on our TV screens? Some “Lost” fans and TV critics have wondered if they were a last Easter egg … Continue reading

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Reporter Ticketed On Live TV

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Compare the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to Your Own City

paulrademacher.com (Google Earth plugin required)

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I was lucky enough to have a pool in my backyard as a kid, but because we had vertical walls and no stairs in the pool, out dog Skippy could never get in out of fear that he would jump … Continue reading

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Sharks Can Become Invisible

In open water, there is often no place to hide. Some sharks have overcome this problem by making themselves invisible to both prey and predators, according to a new study. Light trickery permits the optical illusion, described in the current … Continue reading

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Fellowship Church – Tithe Rap

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Nation’s first Christian ballet company

Ballet Magnificat is an evangelical Christian ballet company based in Jackson, Miss., founded in 1986 by Kathy Thibodeaux, a former leading dancer with Jackson Ballet (now Ballet Mississippi). Article

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Twitter – BP Public Relations

Somehow, I think it’s a fake account . . . twitter.com/BPGlobalPR

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Bag of Randomness

I think the next debate for Texas governor should be moderated by the Whataburger voice guy. Back in March of last year a made a post in which I stated that one Euro is worth $3 (USD).  Now one Euro … Continue reading

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