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Airport screener accused of beating co-worker after jokes about his genitalia

A Miami International Airport federal security screener has been arrested for allegedly using an expandable police baton to beat up a co-worker. The source of their conflict, police say: daily ribbing about the size of the screener’s genitalia. Screener Rolando … Continue reading

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Lord Jesus Christ (his real name) hit by Mass. car

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. — The victim might have forgiven the woman who ran him down in a Massachusetts crosswalk, but police haven’t. Police say a Pittsfield woman has been cited for running down a man named Lord Jesus Christ as he … Continue reading

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Comedy Central considers series about Jesus Christ

NEW YORK — Comedy Central has a cartoon series about Jesus Christ in the works. Titled “JC,” the series depicts Christ as a “regular guy” who moves to New York to “escape his father’s enormous shadow.” His father is depicted … Continue reading

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An Interesting Piece of Marketing by Toyota

Trying to make minivans look hip. [Thanks, David!]

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Movie Collection of “Get Out of There”

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Smories are free original stories for kids, read by kids. They forgot to mention that they all speak with an accent, which makes the story just that much more compelling. Just click on a kid.

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Bag of Randomness

When I read this story about Franklin Graham praying on the sidewalk outside the Pentagon yesterday it reminded me about this part in his father’s autobiography about something he regretted doing outside the White House after meeting President Truman. I … Continue reading

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