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Liberty University selects Glenn Beck as graduation speaker

Fox News host Glenn Beck, the outspoken and confrontational media darling of working-class conservatism, will give the commencement speech at Liberty University on May 15, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said. The 12,000-student Lynchburg school in previous years has booked graduation … Continue reading

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Tracking Chinese Foreign Investments

Since 2005 Chinese firms and arms of the Chinese government have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign companies and raw materials. Each dot on this map tracks one of those investments, with larger dots representing larger investments. Explore … Continue reading

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Recreating a Masterpiece with only a BiC Pen

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Sea Lion Found on Roof

More info on Fiddler here.

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History of the Catholic Church Sex Scandals

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Runaway Teen Turns a Bed Bath & Beyond into a Bed and Breakfast, Police Say

A runaway teen was looking for a bed, bath and beyond that a place to spend a few nights. Police say the 15-year-old spent the last four nights living in the Bed Bath & Beyond store in Roseville. It seems, … Continue reading

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Motivational Christian Rap

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Bag of Randomness

Am I the only one that thinks it’s a bit odd that the show America’s Got Talent has two British judges? This weekend WifeGeeding and I attended another baby class.  I now know how to change a diaper; but the … Continue reading

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