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Chloe the Corgi plays with an iPad

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The view outside my office window is different

Almost one year ago I took this picture outside an office window. Here’s the view today from the same vantage point. Below are high resolution pictures if you are interested. Before and After

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What exactly is a “supervised conjugal visit”?

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Canon 5D Mark II used to shoot entire House season finale, director says it’s ‘the future’

May 17, folks. That’s the date when the grumpy doctor you wish you were and the snazzy camera you wish you owned will join forces on American network television. The final episode in this season’s run of House has been … Continue reading

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Jennifer Knapp, Christian music star announces she is gay

Gen X Christian music star Jennifer Knapp has come out as a lesbian at the same time that she is coming out with a new album. The 36 year old Kansas native has been a popular Christian music singer since … Continue reading

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Messenger Dog

Soon after a disaster happens, such as an hearthquake, family members and beloved ones could get displaced in the city and in different refugees camps, being not able either to reconnect physically due to the collapsed roads or to phone … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Company!

Ever notice the line “We’ve Got Company!” is in almost every movie? Here’s a montage of people saying “We’ve Got Company!” from a bunch of movies.

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It’s not quite the flying car, but for now, it will do

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DNA from letters home helps ID Pearl Harbor casualty

Before he died at Pearl Harbor, less than a month after turning 18, Gerald Lehman sent home to Michigan letters that his mother came to treasure. In them, the teen talked about going through Navy training in Great Lakes, Ill. … Continue reading

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Edie – rescued yesterday an hour before euthanasia

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Bag of Randomness

Today in history Lincoln was shot, the Titanic struck an iceberg, and Jimi Clark was born. I so need to get one of these for my dogs. Ah, so this is how med students learn how to deliver a baby.  … Continue reading

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