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Gov Good Hair Sponsors a Race Car

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s re-election campaign said Tuesday that he’s sponsoring Bobby Labonte’s car for the April 18 NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the Texas Motor Speedway. Perry and Labonte were at a suburban Dallas car dealership Tuesday to unveil … Continue reading

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This will be one of BabyGeeding’s first meals

As parents, we are always looking for a competitive edge for our children. Research about the importance of high protein/high fat diets for early stage infant brain development recently caught our attention. According to Dr. Bill Sears, author of the … Continue reading

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Earthquake Dusting


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Kid Shows How to Parallel Park

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Interesting Surfing Video

More Surfing >>

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An Interesting Look at the Nintendo Company


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U2 360° At The Rose Bowl – Trailer

I wasn’t on planning on adding this to my U2 concert library, but after seeing this preview, I’m reconsidering.

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Getting to know Dorian Gray

I start off all my mornings reading four comics, and the last one I always read is Frank and Ernest.  Yesterday’s comic (above) had me scratching my head as I’ve never heard of Dorian Gray.  After a little research, I … Continue reading

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iPad installed in a car dashboard

Watch the installation video here: YouTube

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Simply put, the SIMsystem™ is a revolutionary new method of remotely monitoring and assessing continence events, approved for use in various healthcare settings or during the compulsory or recommended assessment conducted in aged care facilities. The programme is designed to … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I’m a Duke fan because of Coach K, just a godly man full of class, but man oh man was I rooting for Butler last night.  What a valiant effort by the Bulldogs, and man oh man, that last shot … Continue reading

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