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Hotel Promo Photos Verses the Real Thing

Here’s the Hotel Oceana in Santa Monica. More @

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Bed Ladder


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Mascot Backflip Dunk

There’s no way I could climb to the top of that ladder, much less in a costume, much less stand on top of it.

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44 square foot Hong Kong apartment transforms into 24 different designs

Feel free to just skip to the 1:10 mark . . .

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Japan plans to send humanoid to the moon by 2015

Japan loves robots, we know that much. Last year, the Japanese government announced it plans to to send a robot to the moon by 2020 (that was to be joined by a human astronaut 10 years later). Today, the Osaka-based … Continue reading

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What are the special perks of being a Supreme Court justice?

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Father Abraham Hip-Hop Version

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Tornado Forms in Front of Car ( Raleigh, North Carolina )

Personally, I found the conversation between the man and woman quite interesting. Language Warning

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Bag of Randomness

Coal mine accidents and an oil rig disaster has been big news this month – sure wish we weren’t so dependent on those fossil fuels. Right after that rig sank I remember reading this line in an article –  Coast … Continue reading

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Old School GPS


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We Got Another Census

This was in our mailbox yesterday: Looking at it at first glace, two things stand out: The first thought that went through our mind was that we already filled out the U.S. Census, but upon further inspection (the “SPECIAL NOTICE” … Continue reading

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We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint

WASHINGTON — Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the leader of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was shown a PowerPoint slide in Kabul last summer that was meant to portray the complexity of American military strategy, but looked more like a … Continue reading

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