Bag of Randomness

  • As I mentioned before, I really enjoy those Windows 7 commercials where the person telling the “my idea” story and the reenactment is portrayed by a better looking person; but, the one in which the French woman is speaking, she’s better looking than her reenactment character.
  • Oh snap, I just remember I have a kitchen sink and faucet I need to install.  Man, WifeGeeding sure has been patient about not pressuring me to get that installed, but at the same time, I feel I’ve let her down.
  • I partially have to blame our dogs, I guess, because once they are in my lap I just don’t want to make them move.
  • Survivor sure was interesting last night.
  • As much as I enjoy LOST, and as much as I  enjoyed trying to guess the story lines, sometimes even I have a hard time trying to accept things.  For instance, the ship being thrown by the waves so violently that it flew high and strong enough to knock over a huge statue and still land in the middle of the jungle.  And to be honest, I think there is a thing of having too many biblical overtones in a science fiction show.
  • There’s a person at work that always IM”s me and uses “oic” – for some reason that abbreviation annoys me.
  • In case you don’t know, oic means “oh, I see”.
  • The first time I saw that it took me a good 25 seconds to figure out what he was talking about.
  • And this person is the same one that uses the dreaded comic sans font.  Good gosh I loath me some comic sans.
  • ABC News Nightline turned 30 years old yesterday.  For the most part, I really enjoy the program, but when the do a horrible job when they report on things regarding the Christian faith.
  • I wonder if anyone found the hidden message on that teddy bear post I made today.
  • If you haven’t voted on my boiling water poll that is just below this post, please do so, so I can settle an argument.  I’ll provide details later.
  • Greenville, South Carolina loves Google
  • Verne Lundquist was recently interviewed by the man that replaced him here in Dallas.  Those two have covered DFW sports for over 45 years.
  • I can’t wait to try this Julia Child omelet technique. (Thanks, Danny)
  • And in case you ever wondered what she thought about McDonald’s french fries.
  • Best Screen Saver Ever?
  • For the seniors that read this blog that remembers what it was like before TV.
  • ‘Beer and Bible’ Launches in Mormon Community
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Shawn Wilson says:

    I didn't get the teddy bear thing….please share…….also, I apologize for the emotional outburst on an earlier post.

  2. Mtoots says:

    And, yes! I got it! How dare you??? 🙂

  3. Mtoots says:

    Oops………I wasn't through! Sweeten up!

  4. Melissa says:

    i did see your hidden message…and it appears you generated a lot of traffic to that "senior site"…it's closed down until april 1st.

  5. Rev. Hart says:

    Oh man. I hate those Windows 7 commercials! Here's why: When the character imagines himself or herself as better than in reality, it is a) an example of the self-absorbed (narcissistic) epidemic in our culture, and b) indicative of the product they are selling–i.e. Windows is much better in the imagination of Microsoft than it is in reality!


    Anyway, I must disagree with you on this one, friend.


  6. Sharon says:

    Survivor was great last night. When this season started I wanted Boston Rob gone but now I am enjoying the competition between him and Russell. Iam glad you explained what "oic" means, I would not have figured that one out.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I still remember that weekend decades ago when I devoted several hours, a couple dozen eggs and the total dirtying of a formerly clean stove perfecting this Julia Child technique. No regrets! These are the best and only omelets on earth, IMHO.

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