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Destination Dinners

The perfect gift for the foodie or traveler who has everything. Recipe Kits from Destination Dinners make cooking authentic dishes from around the world fun, easy and educational. Each Kit contains all of the pre-measured hard to find spices, sauces … Continue reading

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50th Birthday * 50 Days * $50,000

For the eighth year in a row, the African Well Fund is pleased to announce plans for a fundraising drive to ” Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday”. AWF is celebrating Bono’s 50th Birthday by raising funds to support a … Continue reading

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One Russian farmer decided to equip his cow barn with… LED TVs

He has got from somewhere the information that cows get more happy and productive if they watch the movies with the juicy green fields. So he got a non-stop loop of world’s recognized green Swiss Alpine fields and got the … Continue reading

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Manly Cupcakes

Butch Bakery was born when David Arrick felt it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cute product -the cupcake.    When a magazine article mentioned that cupcakes were a combination of everything “pink, sweet, cute, and magical”, … Continue reading

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Christ-Like Cruisin

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Spiral eye side threading needles

The Spiral Eye needle is an easy to thread hand sewing needle with a unique slot on the side of the eye. www.spiraleyeneedles.com It’s a wonder no one has thought of this before.

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Technology Enhanced Memorial Products

So does this mean I can take BagOfNothing.com with me to the grave? Easily add wireless technology to any monument Simply touch any NFC enabled cell phone to the tablet and see text and image on the screen Non-NFC phones … Continue reading

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Adding a motorcycle to the table cloth trick

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Rolled up magazine self defense

For you Ticket fans . . . I bet Greggo took this course. The real fun starts around the 55 second mark . . .

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Bag of Randomness

I agree, that is probably one of the most awesome pictures in the history of ever. You may have not noticed it yesterday, but there was a minor change to the website.  The spacing between the lines are now a … Continue reading

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