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TV Theme Medley

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Participants look to create world’s longest toilet line in India

INDIA (NBC) – Volunteers hoping to create the world’s longest line for a toilet waited patiently in India Saturday. More than 1,500 people participated in the event to mark World Water Day on March 22. Organizers hoped to bring attention … Continue reading

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Urban legend comes true

And this is why I always check underneath my hotel beds . . . Memphis Police now say they never checked inside a motel room where Sony Millbrook had been staying and where her body was found. Missing woman’s body … Continue reading

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For those that are annoyed by email forwards

This site was created to meet the need of those who are bothered by poor email etiquette, specifically when it comes to forwarded chain letters, urban myths, and bad jokes. The primary function of the site is to allow individuals … Continue reading

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It’s important to keep your eyes on the road

In particular, starting around the 15 second mark . . . Related: You never know what you might see on the highway.

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Teaching Kids Not To Commit Adultery

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For my fellow U2 fans: Meet U2’s Child

To millions of U2 fans, Peter Rowen is the child whose mournful face stares out from the covers of “Boy” and “War.” Now, 30 years since he modeled for the iconic images, he still attracts attention. Peter grew up in … Continue reading

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Out-of-control hugging leads to ban at Portland’s West Sylvan Middle School

The hugs were out of control at West Sylvan Middle School. Students could not pass each other in the hallway without a hug, the principal said. The girls were hugging one another all the time. Kids were late to class … Continue reading

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Customizable Pet Food

Increasing incidents of food allergies and pet food recalls were all signs that it was far past time to provide dog and cat owners with a responsible, ethical and high quality pet food. We at RedMoon decided to respond to … Continue reading

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With stuff like this, maybe I should be watching America’s Next Top Model

One segment, two falls . . .

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Hydrofloors® vertically movable floors enable the client to exploit the surface area of a swimming pool by converting the associated terrace or indoor pool room for other uses e.g. recreation, social events, for dining and dancing. The system is near … Continue reading

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When you work for NASA and have too much time on your hands

It turns out that for quite a while, the people at NASA have had some fun making mission posters, all of which are now downloadable to the public. http://sfa.nasa.gov/products.cfm

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