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Did Fox News make Woods’ Buddhist beliefs disappear?

Whether is was an edit for space or something done on purpose, Fox News in their posting of Tiger Woods’ press conference, completely edited out any reference the golfer made about his Buddhist beliefs. USA Today

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Moon rise over Australia


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Heinz 57 Varieties

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‘Horse with No Name’ was actually called ‘Derek’ – but it could have been Keith

In a confession that looks set to rock the US singer-songwriter fraternity to the core, the author of America’s transatlantic top 5 hit A Horse With No Name has admitted that the horse in question was actually named by the … Continue reading

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Skiing Accident Pictures


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The Iraq War Explained

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Fed Up: School Lunch Project

It’s very challenging to teach students when they are eating school lunches that don’t give them the nutrition they need and deserve. Oftentimes what is served barely passes muster as something edible. And after a meal high in sugar and fat and … Continue reading

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‘God told me I’d be raped’

Pretoria – The wife of gospel singer Louis Brittz, who was raped by a robber on Monday night, has told how the Lord had warned her that she was to be raped. A up beat Hettie Brittz told how the … Continue reading

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It’s like kissing your sister

Four of the ice-dancing pairs competing in Vancouver are siblings—and this year, there’s a compulsory tango routine. How they get around the awkwardness. Wall Street Journal

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Bag of Randomness

Since I’m finished teaching class for a while, this weekend was spent cleaning and relaxing.  WifeGeeding bought me a book for Valentine’s day that I started to read and I watched plenty of movies. The first movie I watched was … Continue reading

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