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It’s Good to Ask Questions – The House Hippo

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Emergency shipment of condoms headed to Olympic athletes

Rowdy curling crowds; spontaneous street parties; public drunkeness. You don’t have to look far for evidence that the crowds at Winter Games in Vancouver know how to have a good time. And, as if anymore proof is needed that a … Continue reading

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The Headline Made Me Think . . .

So I’m checking out the local news on the Dallas Morning News website, trying to navigate my way through all the flash advertisements (that deserves its own post) and run across this article: Dallas businessman arrested, barred from SMU over … Continue reading

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Interesting Lullaby

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The Mum­my­Mug is a styl­ish coffee/tea mug with a lip-openable lid. Sim­ply fill the mug with your favorite hot bev­er­age, secure the screw-on lid and start sip­ping. By lightly press­ing your top lip against the top layer of the lid … Continue reading

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‘Cuss-Free Week’ in California

Watch your mouth, California. The nation’s most populous state is asking its 38 million residents to stop using four-letter words for an entire week beginning Monday. On a voice vote, the Assembly passed a resolution Thursday declaring the first week … Continue reading

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The Final Season of LOST as Seen by Someone Who Has Never Seen

Hi.  As you can probably tell from the totally sweet title of this blog, I have never seen LOST.  The final season starts tonight.  I thought I would watch the final 12 episodes even though I have very little knowledge … Continue reading

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Geeky Apology Card

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Catholic Church suing Columbia Pictures over use of Christ statue in apocalypse movie 2012

Brazil’s Catholic Church is suing Hollywood for using unauthorized images of Rio’s famous giant Christ statue in its disaster movie blockbuster 2012, a lawyer involved in the case said on Wednesday. Rio de Janeiro’s archdiocese is demanding unspecified damages and … Continue reading

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For all you Stephen Baldwin fans . . .

Stephen Baldwin of the famous “Baldwin Brothers” Hollywood clan is a veteran actor who has starred in over 60 films and TV shows. In 2003, he had an experience that changed his life forever. He became Born Again Christian, giving … Continue reading

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The Bible has a book called Prophets?

From The Times of London: Identification of agents by Dubai police embarrasses Mossad Call it a hunch, but I think they meant Proverbs 11:14.

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Bag of Randomenss

I heard that graduating high school seniors can customize their senior rings just about how they want, and it’s no lie, you can choose from professional sports teams, NASCAR, and all sorts of hobbies and activities.  I toyed around with … Continue reading

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