Bag of Randomness

  • There didn’t seem to be a lot made of the ending of one decade and entering another, and least I didn’t think so.
  • I got one last Christmas card from Mike and his dogs of Welland, Ontario.  Cute dogs, Mike.  They look like they like to avoid the Canadian chill next to that fireplace.
  • The first time I saw Dick Clark perform the New Year’s Eve countdown after his stroke I thought it was 55% courageous and 45% awkward.  Now I think it’s close to 30/70.
  • It was good to hear Pat Summerall broadcasting again, even if it is just the Cotton Bowl.
  • The first comment on this blog for the new decade was quite a doozy.
  • I think I’m in favor of the post office not delivering mail on Saturday.  Last Saturday I got two bills that require me to call in to rectify a few things, but of course I can’t call in because offices are closed on the weekend and I have to wait and dwell over it until Monday.
  • One of those bills is in regard to my ER visit when I had a chemical spill in the eye, the insurance company is telling me it didn’t qualify as an emergency.
  • I think I may have some foundation problems with GeedingManor.  There’s an upstairs bedroom that is on the corner of the house with has a closet door that will no longer shut and the floor slopes, but there are no cracks on the walls and the bedroom underneath that one doesn’t show any damage either.
  • There are few new enhancements to BoN that you will notice on the sidebar.  I’ve updated the recent comments feature that actually tells you what post the comment appears on, the Flickr badge has changed, and I have a live traffic feed which will tell you where people have most recently come from- country and webpage.
  • BoN reader Hans Steiniger has completed his journey of watching an NFL game in every NFL stadium.  Link
  • Some of you may think I have an issue with Rick Warren asking his flock for more funds for his church to cover the budget shortfall, but I don’t.  His letter was very detailed and reasonable.
  • Yesterday after the game in an interview Brett Favre mentioned he grew up a Cowboys fan.  Huh, who knew?  That makes me think he watched the Cowboys the most during a time in which they really weren’t that good.
  • It appears the Cowboys are finally playing different music as the new stadium.  When they came back from one commercial break I heard U2.
  • Bono’s latest Op-Ed for the NY Time – 10 for the Next 10
  • I think what the NHL does each New Years day is fantastic, having an outdoor game.  The last I looked, the Boston Bruins still had a live webcam at Fenway Park.
  • There’s word going around that Jerry wants to bring that game to the new Cowboys Stadium.  Sorry, but Arlington just doesn’t have the atmosphere that most northern outdoor stadiums/parks have.
  • The Cowboys defense has just been amazing the last three games.  They held a high powered Saints team scoreless for three quarters, and then two straight shutouts.  They are certainly streaking at the right time, but I have also learned over the years not to get my hopes up with this team.
  • Weird fact, but until yesterday, no Dallas QB has taken every snap for an entire season, with the exception of special teams and special wildcat plays.
  • Tashard Choice left the game with a concussion, I heard he spent the rest of the game watching the game from inside a shed.
  • Unless the Cowboys get demolished this next game I don’t see Wade losing his job.  The defense is playing lights out and he’s won the NFC East two out of the three years he’s been here.
  • Was Noah’s Ark circular?
  • Even though Focus on the Family had to lay 8% of their workforce last year, they might buy time to run a Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow’s mother.
  • ATT looks to get rid of the landline
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. warren says:

    Am I the only one who can't read this now? The blue background and colour of the postings make it impossible to read.

  2. Nathan S. says:

    I like the new look and feel.
    I refuse to get my hopes up for the Cowboys.

  3. George says:

    2% of what you wrote up there makes me think you're an idiot! 🙂

    The other 98% makes me think you are very observant, thoughtful and witty.

    Also, the 2% is about the Cowboys.

  4. Sharon says:


  5. Darren says:

    I remember watching Dick Clark last year and feeling sad. Then I thought, all the drunks probably understand him perfectly, and I felt better.

  6. Quiddity says:

    Agree about Dick Clark. It's tough to watch.

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