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Irritation Technology

TOP 20 IRRITATING TECHNOLOGICAL INVENTIONS 1. Car alarms 2. Egg timer appearing on computer screen 3. Computer crashing 4. Speed cameras 5. Automated phone systems 6. Novelty doorbells 7. Skipping CD 8. The ‘bong’ sound in Windows when you can’t … Continue reading

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In Hudson Valley, the milkman delivers again

WARWICK — Remember the milkman? You’d wake up in the morning to find fresh bottled milk on your doorstep just in time for breakfast? Yeah, neither do many people. But this gracious bit of nostalgia from a gentler age is … Continue reading

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10 Things Not to Buy in 2010

DVDs Home telephone service External hard drives Smartphone also-rans Compact digital cameras Newspaper subscriptions CDs New college textbooks Gas-guzzling cars Energy-inefficient homes and appliances Article The new college textbooks got my attention.  I’m teaching a class next week and while … Continue reading

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Plano-based Cookies by Design sued over smiley-face sweet

Depending on how the cookie crumbles, a Plano company may not be all smiles. Eat’n Park, a Pennsylvania bakery and restaurant chain, says it has caught Plano-based Cookies by Design selling smiley-face cookies that it says are “confusingly similar” to … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I thought it was pretty cool that Keith Jackson got to do the coin toss last night.  And I appreciated his words right before the toss, even if they were hard to hear. Not sure who I feel sorry for … Continue reading

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