Nobel Prize with every oil change

12-21-2009.NMC_21sterling.GQT2O7J5S.1In Rockwall County, a place known for its conservative politics, one mechanic is getting a lot of attention for his latest promotion: a Nobel Peace Prize, free with every oil change.

The offer, which pokes fun at President Barack Obama’s recent Nobel Prize win, sits on a 4-by-10-foot sign in front of Horizon Auto Center on the outskirts of Rockwall.

Owner Ken Sterling says that since he put it there, response has been overwhelming. A photo of the sign was posted online and has gone viral, appearing on blogs, conservative Web sites and Twitter feeds.

“We’ve had more than 400 calls and e-mails,” Sterling said, adding that only two callers thought the sign was in poor taste.

Conservatives and others have been critical of Obama’s winning the award, saying he won it in his first year of office before he accomplished anything substantial. (In Oslo, Norway, Obama said he accepted the award as a call to action.)

In Rockwall County, Obama critics are easy to find.

The county is home to some of North Texas’ most ardent Tea Party Patriots, and it was home to multiple Tea Party events the last several months.

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