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Asian students under attack at S. Phila. High

Zhihua Tian traveled thousands of miles from his native China earlier this year to profit from the treasures of the American education system. Unfortunately, he landed at South Philadelphia High School, where the number of violent incidents often overshadow student … Continue reading

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Quadriplegic NJ Man Wins Right To Hunt With Mouth-Operated Shotgun

Jamie Cap, 46, was injured in an accident 30 years ago while playing American football. A head-on tackle resulted in a neck injury that left him a quadriplegic and robbed him of hunting, one of his passions. But after a … Continue reading

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London Knights Fans Make It Rain Teddy Bears for Charity

It was the Knights 9th Annual Sun Life Financial Teddy Bear Toss in support of the Salvation Army. Fans are encouraged to bring stuffed teddy bears and other plush toys to the game. Once the home team scores their first … Continue reading

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Lawsuit threatened over atheist councilman in NC

North Carolina’s constitution is clear: politicians who deny the existence of God are barred from holding office. Opponents of Cecil Bothwell are seizing on that law to argue he should not be seated as a City Council member today, even … Continue reading

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Millennium Falcon Bed

More pics here.

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Google Countdown Clock

When you are on the Google homepage (not logged into iGoogle) and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button with nothing in the search field, a countdown ticker appears listing the amount of seconds left in the year. www.google.com

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Sitting on a dead whale as sharks eat

Full Article with Video Gallary

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Christmas Light Hero

What do you get when you mix a Christmas Light show with Guitar Hero? Christmas Light Hero! A real game you play with a wii wireless guitar controller.

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Religious Intensity Remains Powerful Predictor of Politics

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ religious intensity continues to be a major predictor of party identification. A new analysis of more than 29,000 interviews Gallup conducted in November finds that Republicans outnumber Democrats by 12 percentage points among Americans who are … Continue reading

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My Fourth Christmas Card of 2009

Over the weekend I received a Christmas card from David of Mesquite, TX.  I’m always a sucker for Snoopy and Charlie Brown, and this card totally cracked me up. But not only did I appreciate David’s card, but he provided … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

There have now been two Cowboys games that were played in the new stadium with the roof open during the daytime.  I was wondering if there would be any weird shadows cast on the field with the screen and all, … Continue reading

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