Bag of Randomness


  • The Cowboys start December play soon, which means our season is now over.  Giants, Chargers, Saints . . . oh my!
  • A lot of people have said Vince Young doesn’t have what it takes to make it as an NFL quarterback, even after making the Pro-Bowl and being named an NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.  This year, his team hasn’t won a game until he was placed as the starting QB, and all he has done was win five straight.  Last night he threw for 387 yards, no interceptions, and threw a last second game winning touchdown.  For all those that still think he doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL QB, their argument holds little water.  His most amazing stat from last night . . only eight yards rushing – and people said he would only rely on his feet.  He may never win a Super Bowl, but they guy is a talent, and can certainly play QB.
  • I do my best to never shop on Thanksgiving or Christmas, I don’t want to give a reason for the big wigs making decisions for the front line workers in making them work those holidays.
  • The Texas/TAMU rivalry seems to be less bitter since the bon fire collapse ten years ago.  Not sure if that has to do with the tragedy or TAMU not being competitive in the national rankings.
  • The Tiger Woods car crash story sure is interesting, mainly because of his avoidance of facing the issue.  But since the vehicle he crashed was a Cadillac, I wonder if his OnStar system came on.
  • Speaking of golf, WifeGeeding and I saw Justin Leonard at the Las Colinas Corner Bakery after church.
  • Speaking of church, I found this book in the church library.  The author probably should have chosen a different title.
  • WifeGeeding is at that stage where she has to go to the bathroom about four times an hour.
  • IKEA has the coolest hand dryers.  Just put you hands in and slowly pull them out.
  • Speaking of IKEA, WifeGeeding and I visited the store this weekend and it wasn’t as crowded as I expected.  As we were making our way from the parking lot to the store, I noticed some left over sushi on the dash of a Mercedes.  It was in one of those small six pack containers where it’s usually cut up for a grab-and-go.  I know it wasn’t particularly hot that day, but man, I bet that would stink up a car.
  • Wrecking ball hits a moving mini-van – it was probably done for a movie or commercial
  • Susan Boyle is a thumb sucker?
  • Computer storage data explained
  • Found at the Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site: Negotiating a Reasonable Bride-Price
  • Just in case you ever travel back in time, here’s a nice cheat sheet to bring you fame and riches.
  • 7 Lbs, 16″ Long, 4″ Diameter hotdog
  • At Fatburger, you can order a Hypocrite – a veggie burger topped with crispy strips of bacon.
  • Twitter, a billboard, and the local news – a bad combination
  • Here’s a story that I’m really surprised didn’t get more national attention, but it could have just got lost with Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  A medical student died in a Utah cave.  It’s so difficult to reach his body, the family and authorities are just going to leave it there and seal the cave, entombing the body.  Here’s a short article, but here’s a news video segment about it.
  • I fear caves, the sea, and heights.  Oh, and children singing, especially in choirs – it just creeps me out.
  • In case you ever wanted to search for four things at once:
  • The Globetrotters are out.  Grrr.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MamaToots says:

    What exactly is frightening about "children singing, especially in choirs"? Personally I found the years I spent w/ children singing in choir very rewarding. Just wondering!

    • Geeding says:

      Children singing tend to appear in horror movies, some in an almost possessed way. Since you're a mother and grandmother and have played the piano in church, I totally understand how children singing is a very pleasant sound. But for me, when I hear them sing, I think the bad guy is fixing to kill me.

  2. warren says:

    Panic set in this morning when reading the Bag of Randomness…what do you mean the Globetrotters are out? The Harlem Globetrotters have gone bankrupt? One of the finest sports institutions in the world is no more. Luckily I did a quick Google news search and saw it was a reference to some reality show and sports entertainment is safe. Phew.

  3. Sharon says:

    When you say the globetrotters are out, for a quick second, I thought "of the closet?"Is this an influence of todays society?
    I fear the sea ALOT

  4. WifeGeedingII says:

    Please next time put a spoiler alert. I hadn't watched the amazing race and now I know the outcome. I bet you didn't know you blog could affect people so… :o)

  5. dan says:

    The Globe Trotters were my favorites too. I was sorry to see them just give up and sit out a four hour penalty.

    Colin Cowherd on ESPN blames the Cowboys’ annual December swoon on the fact that December is a time during which Jerry feels a need to become ever more involved in running the team as the play-offs loom closer.

    Is there a correlation between the NFL rules protecting quarterbacks and receivers and the huge passing numbers teams have been wracking up, even in losing efforts?

    The story about that poor Utah medical student was troubling. The part that bothered me was he was stuck for 28 hours. There must have been a period of time, early in the rescue effort, during which everyone assumed there would be a way to dislodge him.

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