Bag of Randomness


  • Everytime I see that Robert Patterson from those Twilight movies all I can think about it that guy looks like he reeks of body odor.
  • Stuff Christians Like is raising $30,000 to build a kindergarten in Vietnam – check out the info here.  And here is an interesting interview.
  • I didn’t know that Jennifer Love Hewitt was dating Jamie Kennedy.  He was performing at our local Improv over the weekend, and I hear that she actually set up a table and started to sell his merchandise.
  • How I Met Your Mother was great last night.  It was funny seeing Alan Thicke, especially when he said, “I don’t want to pull the ‘I’m Alan Thicke’ card, but . . .”
  • I also cracked up when Lilly said, “Shut up Alan Thicke.”  It makes me laugh when a celebrity is only spoken to using both the first name and last name – just like the “I’m sorry, Dick Butkus” FedEx commercial.
  • But it was weird seeing Robin look all roughed up.
  • Jim Carry has an interesting website:
  • Lots of leaves are falling outside, I’m waiting for a few more to fall before I mow one last time and mulch what’s on the ground.  With the sun setting earlier in the day, it’s hard for me to get to after work.
  • Last year I started a tradition with one of my readers from Philadelphia.  When the Cowboys and Eagles play for the first time each season, the fan of the losing team has to post a picture selected by the fan of the winning team on his blog.  Lucky for me, the Cowboys have won the first game for the last two years, and like a good sport, he paid up.
  • Hakuna Matata.
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    And I feel compelled to leave a brief message on Kevin's site. LOL

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