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Mass We Pray the Video Game

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Recently Heard on NPR’s Car Talk

“I Was Just Flipped Off By A Silver-Haired Old Lady With a Honk if You Love Jesus Sticker on the Bumper of Her Car” by Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours.

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Where Should I Eat?

You know, I actually found this pretty informative. Click to enlarge.

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That’s one way to trim the hedge


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Lion opens family’s car door with his teeth

In the comfort and security of their car, a family thought there was nothing to worry about as they drove through a South African safari park – until a lion calmly opened their back door with his teeth. Full Article … Continue reading

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Woman files suit over shampoo bottle being dropped on her head

An Iowa City woman said she has suffered physical and mental pain for the last two years after a shampoo bottle was dropped on her head. Now, Mary Jones has filed a lawsuit against La’ James International College in hopes … Continue reading

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World’s Most Scenic Pizza Hut Location?

I remember seeing a KFC in the background of the pyramids behind Obama when he went over for a visit.

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Coming to Corpus Christi, Texas next year

Play depicting Jesus as gay packs church SANTA ANA – A play depicting Jesus as a gay man played to an appreciative audience in a packed church sanctuary tonight while a handful of protesters outside called it blasphemous. It was … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I remember on Sunday nights there was a sports show called the George Michael Sports Machine.  For the longest time I always had to do a double-take because I always first thought of the British singer, thinking, why the heck … Continue reading

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