Uneven Feet

UnevenFeet.com is for anyone who has feet that are not quite the same size.

For those with different sized feet, getting a perfect fit when buying footwear is just about impossible. Thats where we come in. At UnevenFeet.com, we hope to unite enough people with this problem that we could find our individual opposite matches. That would allow us to purchase or exchange footwear jointly, and be able to get a perfect fit without having to buy two pairs.

On the homepage is a search function that searches for your own opposite matches. All you have to do is put in your own shoe sizes for each foot and it will show you your matches.


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One Response to Uneven Feet

  1. Buddy Patton says:

    This same thing was done back in the late 50's and the 60's. There was a store in Abilene where we went to match up shoes. ( Polio was a big deal then)

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