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Creative Math Professor’s Halloween Treat

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Sleepy Hollow church: No Halloween-themed weddings

A church made famous by Washington Irving’s short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” has rejected a couple’s request to hold a Halloween-themed wedding. Lisa Panensky and Jim Nieves signed a contract 13 months ago to get married on Halloween … Continue reading

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iPhone Costumes

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This Pumpkin Was Not Vaccinated

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Teens cited for burger ‘rap’ in drive-thru

Four Utah County teenagers are upset after their trip to an American Fork McDonald’s, where they tried to rap out their order through the drive-thru. They didn’t leave with a Happy Meal; rather they were given a citation by police … Continue reading

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7th-Grader: Obama, Most US Presidents Related

A seventh-grader and her 80-year-old grandfather are allegedly the first people to discover that President Barack Obama is related to all other U.S. presidents except one. BridgeAnne d’Avignon, who attends Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, traced that Obama, and … Continue reading

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Wedding cakes are the center of any wedding party. The newly wed couples dream about their cake, however the cost of wedding cakes can skyrocket, also the possibility of falling over during transportation, heat and humidity for the outdoor weddings … Continue reading

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Metal Detecting Sandal

These are the sandals that can detect metal while you walk, allowing you to find buried artifacts while strolling the beach. Link

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Bag of Randomness

You’ve heard of the A-Team, but I think this is the a-team. No matter how much they clean the silverware, I don’t think I would ever use these. I heard Cambell Brown make a statement that if the White House … Continue reading

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