Bag of Randomness

  • My cubemate walked into the office yesterday like it was just another day, then at noon he got a phone call from his family in India telling him his father died unexpectedly.  He hasn’t been back to India for quite some time, but was on a four o’clock flight later that same afternoon.
  • If your parents are alive, call them today.
  • If you don’t have any living parents, tell your kids you love them.
  • If you don’t have either, tell someone you care about what they mean to you.
  • My allergies have been killing me.
  • Chase has those “Pick Up The Tab” commercials where they tell you that one of your purchases could spontaneously be paid for by them.  I always thought that either I wouldn’t win or if I did, they would pick up the tab on a small fast food purchase or something.  But I was wrong, I was luck enough to have them pick up a $122 purchase.  Lucky me.
  • Melanie Oudin has a Reese Witherspoon appeal to her.
  • 1000 melting soldiers in Berlin
  • I hear the new Cowboys Stadium is in the world record books for having the most HD televisions in one place, 3000 of them.  I wonder if they got a discount for a bulk order.
  • My laptop came back in the mail yesterday.  So far, so good.  The only thing I still can’t figure out is hooking it via HDMI to a big screen.  When I do that, I can’t get the sound to transfer, so it’s probably just a setting issue.
  • President George W. Bush will be speaking to school children at the Cowboys Stadium.
  • Both Letterman and Conan pretty much made the same joke about Obama’s speech to students yesterday, something to the effect of sitting next to an Asian kid to get better grades.  I’m not offended, it’s just an observation.
  • Tony Blair was on Letterman.  It was quite interesting.
  • Schools Should Teach Christianity’s Role in U.S. History, Say Evangelicals
  • A Parable of Political Compassion
  • Grace
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Jean M. says:

    My dad just died on Saturday. September is not a good month.

  2. warren says:

    I just read that many schools across the United States elected not to show Obama's speech. This kind of censorship is not what made America great.

  3. steve in san antonio says:

    Schools have to yield to the complainers – whether they be a few or many due to the fact that everyone threatens to sue. And it is not censorship if they are making the video available for teachers to show to those who want to watch it after the fact. Odd, yes. But schools have their hands forced to make preemptive decisions these days to protect themselves (i.e. prayers, pledge, political t-shirts, haircuts).

    It is sad that kids can't listen to the president talk to them without one political party ruining it. When the first President Bush held the same type of talk with school children, Dems were up in arms and summoned administration officials to testify at hearings about it.

    Wouldn't it be nice if people could try and listen to each argument, and decide for themselves if they agree or not.

  4. MamaToots says:

    Please express my condolences to your fellow worker when he returns. How difficult it must be for him………….

  5. warren says:

    To steve in san antonio….why do they "have to yield to the complainers"? If a parent doesn't want their child to see the lecture then pull them out of school for the day….don't ruin it for the kids who want to experience this moment.

  6. Jenny says:

    Regarding your sound to TV from laptop…I had the same problem the first time I had to do this. I discovered I had to open the sound options and direct it to output through the HDMI/TV cable instead of the laptop itself. Maybe that will help.

  7. brandon says:

    To piggy pack on Jenny's comment, yes you do need to switch the setting to HDMI/TV under your sound card options. When you do that and still don't get audio try putting your laptop in "sleep" mode and then waking it back up. I have to do that with mine but it works like a charm.

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