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Obama’s plan to speak to schoolchildren ignites furor in Dallas-Fort Worth

A groundswell of parent opposition to President Barack Obama’s speech next week to students on the importance of education has forced many North Texas school districts to question whether to air it live in classrooms. Obama announced the speech weeks … Continue reading

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Top 10 worst Bible passages

Readers of the humorous Christian website shipoffools.com were asked to submit their ‘favourite’ worst verses to compile the list, in a light-hearted project called Chapter & Worse. Full Telegraph Article But if you are just interested in the verses themselves, … Continue reading

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Church Provides a Reverse Offering

LITTLE ROCK — Inspired by first-century Christians in the Middle East and 21st-century Christians in Memphis, a North Little Rock church on Sunday dished out a “reverse offering,” giving away $5,000 to needy congregants. The Summit Church worshippers received cash … Continue reading

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Book Cover That Caught My Attention


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Rockabye Puppy

The poor little fellow needs a little help . . .

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Boston University’s new high-rise dorm

Talk about a nice view. Boston Globe Article Photos Did I mention the view outside my freshman dorm window was nothing but a dumpster?  I need to see if I can find a picture of that magnificent view. Actually it … Continue reading

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Cat shot in head with arrow, survives


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Hospitals expanding duties of chaplains

An excerpt from a Boston Globe article: There was no shortage of work. The number of requests from patients, families, and staff for spiritual guidance in one of the country’s most technology-rich medical hubs has soared, as hospitals have expanded … Continue reading

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Sneak Attack on the President

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Bag of Randomness

My HP saga continues.  In an email they asked the best time to contact me, and I said any time after 5:00 PM.  However, they called me at 8:00 AM the next morning.  No big deal, but I thought that … Continue reading

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