Bag of Randomness

  • I forgot to mention that other than reading in honor of my late mother’s birthday, I also eat Vietnamese food on her birthday.
  • I read the first hundred pages of In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect.  As you know, I love presidential history, and I really enjoyed another Secret Service book last year.  Both of these books are hard to put down.
  • Oh, that book is 259 pages.
  • I really enjoy learning all the behind the scenes stuff, and getting to know what presidents and their families are like when they are out of the public view.  I think for the most part, the stuff in this book is true, but I do think some of it is exaggerated.
  • A few things I learned in the book:
    • A dog sniffs all incoming vehicles at the White House.  The dog actually sits on refrigerated concrete to keep cool and not burn his or her paws.
    • A car actually ran into Gerald Ford’s presidential limo when he was in it.
    • An Army private once stole a helicopter and landed it on the White House lawn.
    • During one of Clinton’s golf outings, a person on a rooftop was using the telescopic site on his rifle to get a better view of the president.  It didn’t occur to him that pointing a rifle at the president looked threatening.
    • On trips, the Secret Service pays a local elevator repair man to be on site  just in case the president gets stuck in an elevator.
    • Reagan use to wave at crowds and say, “Hello you son of a b——-.”
    • One his first trip to Russia he actually carried a handgun in a briefcase.
    • He also use to send people who wrote to him about their troubles personal checks up to five grand, and he was known to use Air Force jets to fly kids who needed kidney transplants.
    • The Carter family drank more than the Reagans.
    • Nixon and his wife never held hands.
  • I did some tiling this weekend.  Thanks to BibleScholarGeorge for lending me his wet-tile saw.
  • I’m thinking about doing some major renovation work that will include knocking down two walls, putting up some sheet rock, and even more tiling.
  • So strange, but a Sprint executive was killed when a boulder fell and hit his vehicle.
  • U.S.’s Most Over-Rated Tourist Attractions – Yes, the Alamo is listed, and Four Corners should also be listed.
  • tries to give you an a simple explanation in regards to health care reform.
  • It seems I always get some sort of mail on Friday that requires me to call in for clarification, but those offices are closed during the weekend.  This time it relates to a hospital bill relating to WifeGeeding’s surgery.  We thought we paid our part, but they are informing us that we owe another grand.  This is the part I don’t like about our health care system, and something I had to follow up on a lot of my mother’s stuff as she started to waste away from lupus and chemotherapy.   Sometimes you really owe something, sometimes the insurance hasn’t kicked in yet an automated bill is sent out, sometimes it’s an error in billing either on the hopsital’s side or the insurance’s side, and sometimes you are just out of luck.  The paperwork side of things, suck.
  • I thought Jerry would do something a little different with the Cowboys jerseys this year since they are ringing in a new stadium.  I still can’t stand that little black border on the sleeves of the uniform, and the pants look more blue than normal.
  • Latest wish list:  new carpet and furniture.
  • US Christian Radio Station Spreads “Obama’s Grandmother was his Mother” Theory”
  • Someone living in GeedingManor is about to take an FBI fitness test this morning.
  • I never posted anything about the cutest photo of the year, the one of the squirrel getting in front of a couple’s camera.  But here is the original picture with a bunch of fake ones.
  • Speaking of photos, I wonder what photo will win photo of the year.  The last picture of Michael Jackson I’m sure fetched a pretty penny from the tabloids, but then there was that picture of the plane and helicopter colliding over the Hudson.
  • Christian teenager tries to convert an Indian Hindu teen to Christianity
  • Did you know that Alice from the original Brady Bunch is still alive?
  • I’m so proud to be working for such a CEO.
  • Grace
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