Bag of Randomness


  • I love my wife’s free spirit.
  • This was only about her third trip ever to Long John Silver’s.  I’m trying to convert her.  And yes, I don’t like fish, but LJS doesn’t taste like fish, it just tastes crispy.
  • Not to mention, they have good chicken.  And it’s fun eating the “crunchies.”
  • She is still wearing an eye-patch due to some small swelling from her operation.
  • And it was just coincidence that she was wearing a pirate shirt with an eye-patch.
  • The “garrhh” look isn’t a coincidence.
  • I remember wearing those paper pirate hats as a kid.
  • Mineral Wells never got a Long Johns, so we always drove to Weatherford to eat there.
  • I have good memories of the Weatherford LJS.  All of the LJS have been updated, but I remember when all of them use to look like a sea dock, and when you went inside it was like being inside a pirate ship, complete with ropes leading up to the cash register.
  • I remember when the LJS didn’t have a drive-thur, and during one visit my dad parked in the drive-thru lane where parking spots use to be, and during the middle of our lunch the manager making an anoucement for the owner of white Buick to move it away from the drive-thru.
  • My dad would have turned 86 yesterday.
  • After eating at LJS on Saturday we went to test drive a Ford Fusion Hybrid.  The vehicle isn’t as sexy as I would like and I’ve always been more of a GM person, but I’ve done a lot of research and all the technological features intrigued me.  And even though it may not be sexy, it is elegant looking, me thinks.
  • We had the nicest and friendliest cars salesman in the history of ever.  If you are ever at Sam Packs’s Ford in Lewisville, be sure to ask for Michael Bratcher.  He was informative, friendly, and best of all, didn’t pressure us at all.
  • If I absolutely had to buy a car, I would probably buy a Fusion Hybrid, but there are a few things I didn’t like about the car.  Just little things.  For instance, my Altima has the ability to roll down the front windows by just holding down the open button on the key remote.  That feature comes in handy on a hot day where I can let out some of that trapped heat before I get into it.  The radio volume and station changer button on the steering wheel is on the right side, I’m use to it being on the left side where I can hold my wife’s hand with my right hand and be able to change the station and volume holding the steering wheel with my left hand.  Oh, and I felt the windshield wiper controls were a bit out of reach or place.
  • It was amazing starting it up, I had no idea the car was on, it was that quiet.
  • The instrument panel is an LCD screen that is actually customizable, where you can add or take stuff off of it.
  • The more gas friendly you drive, leaves start to grow in the background of the LCD screen images.
  • Man, I was really ready to buy a new car that day.  I even cleaned up the Altima in case it was time to trade-in and to try to get as much as I could for it.
  • I noticed that our 4Runner has a small oil leak.  I’m not sure what’s the best way to approach that one.  I’m open to any suggestions.
  • I wish my backyard didn’t slope.
  • Emails From Crazy People
  • I’m not trying to poke fun at mothers, but WifeGeeding and I caught the end of this one show it just cracked us up.  Combine equal parts SNL, The Wiggles, and general praise and worship music and you get the closing credits of Moms on The Move.   You get the band leader closing his eyes around the 43 second mark, the host leaving her piano and taking the mic into the stands, and audience members forced to sing and not looking like they are enjoying it.  But if you like the song, there’s a full music video version of it here.
  • It seems every blog in America except this one has posted this video where Jesus somehow states that Obama is the Antichrist.
  • The White House is going to launch a National Fatherhood Tour this week.  Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to big a bigger emphasis on mothers than fathers in this country, so I like seeing something like this.
  • This page on CakeWrecks makes me laugh – a glowing cake from Three Mile Island and a slice of Vladimire Lenin.
  • Jay-Z, who replaced the Beastie Boys in the All Points West festival lineup after the Bestie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch was diagnosed with cancer last month, paid tribute to the trio during his performance at the fest on Friday night.  Here his is singing No Sleep Til Brooklyn.  That was pretty cool.
  • Simon Cowell in a dog suit back in the early 80’s?
  • That’s one big snake.
  • Eleven Things That Are Weird to do By Yourself
  • Dog survives 40 foot fall from a cliff“Even on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff,” says Mac’s owner, “as soon as he saw me his little tail started wagging.
  • Joe Trahan of WFAA shaved off his mustache.
  • I watched some of the new ABC show called Defying Gravity that’s about going to Mars.  It was a bit weird seeing the guy from Office Space in such a strong leading role.
  • I hope the first words spoken on Mars when a human sets foot on it, American or non-American, are the same words that were first spoken on the moon.
  • Grace
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  1. MamaToots says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Nathan S. says:

    the LJS in Weatherford is dirty.

  3. kilron says:

    Same as on the moon? You mean,"Hey dim those lights, youre making crazy shadows on the moon lander model and Armstrongs makeup is starting to melt!"

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