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Life Advice From Old People

I blogger meets up with old people, asks advice, and records it. Here’s a news segment on the blog: Coming soon: Life Advice from Clergy

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Preacher’s Wife Warns of Adultery in the Pulpit

Just when you thought the shock had worn off from all those stories about sex and the church, a preacher’s wife comes out with a guidebook for straying ministers, their spouses and their mistresses. In an interview with, Dr. … Continue reading

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Homeschooled Girl Ordered to Attend Public School Over Her ‘Rigid’ Faith

Amanda Kurowski is a 10-year-old homeschooled girl who performs well academically and is socially well-adjusted. But her strong Christian beliefs were reason enough for a New Hampshire court to order her out of homeschooling and into a public school. The … Continue reading

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This Kid Likes His Bacon

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Bank Tries to Forclose on a Church

A bank is suing one North Little Rock’s largest churches for $1.1 million dollars and is asking that the church headquarters be sold at auction. Regions Bank says Full Counsel Christian Fellowship has failed to pay off a loan on … Continue reading

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Band shirts hit wrong note with parents

T-shirts worn by the Smith-Cotton High School band have evolved into controversy among parents. The shirts, which were designed to promote the band’s fall program, are light gray and feature an image of a monkey progressing through stages and eventually … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

WifeGeeding and I went to the “good” Braum’s for a little dessert on Friday night.  An old man limping with a cane walked in nice and slow, sat in the booth in front of us, laid out two dollars, and … Continue reading

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West Texas field reads: ‘Say no to Obama!’

LUBBOCK — A former art teacher used his West Texas field to carve out a protest about the Obama administration’s proposed overhaul of the health care system. Sam Bates recently plowed some weeds and left behind the message “Say no … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

It’s Friday. You should be happy. Tell me why.

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The Quest for 31 is Almost Over

NFL super fan, Hans Steiniger, has been attending professional football games in different NFL cities for the past three years in an attempt to see a game in each home stadium, a feat he calls, “The Quest for 31”. Now … Continue reading

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People of Walmart

A website dedicated to the “interesting” shoppers of Wal-Mart. And if you submit your own photo, you have the chance to win a Wal-Mart gift certificate from $25-$100.

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Anonymous Tweeting

Tweet From Above and Tweet From Below (TFA/TFB) let you post anonymous messages on Twitter without creating an account or posting those messages in your own Twitter feed. And why would you want to do that? Well, we thought of … Continue reading

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