Bag of Randomness

  • After arriving to work an hour early every day last week, it sure was great to sleep in on Saturday.
  • All the ladies at my dental office signed and sent me a card.  They sure are doing what they can to maintain a relationship with a customer.
  • Since I had a little free time this weekend I finally got to experiment with my new Vudu box; after doing so, I don’t understand why this thing isn’t more popular and is connection to every television set in the country.
  • The first thing you do is put some money in your account, kinda like a TollTag.  Everytime you purchase or rent a movie, money is simply taken from your account, and you can refill you account anytime.
  • Standard definition movies and television shows range  from 99¢ to $3.99, high definition and HDX (1080p) movies from $3.99 to $5.99.
  • There are a plethora of titles to choose from, but one movie that I wanted to watch wasn’t on the list.  That movie was Gone With the Wind, a movie I have never seen but always wanted to.  But there were a lot of movies I found available that I thought were obscure and wouldn’t be available.
  • There’s also a lot of free stuff on the box.  For instance, you can view music videos from artists signed with the Sony label, listen to Pandora, and it can access YouTube , Flickr, and Picassa – which I thought was cool as I can now share this stuff on a large screen.
  • There’s also free games that one can play.  One of my favorites, Asteroids.
  • One cool feature was the ability to see what’s being viewed right now from other Vudu users from across the country.  Basically, you see a GoogleMaps meshed with movie titles in a realtime interactive format.
  • Around our front door, some brick came loose.  I tried to fix it myself, but that didn’t work out, so I had a brick layer come by.  Turns out, the work is a lot more complex than I thought, and I simply was using the wrong stuff and I didn’t have the right tools for the job.  It was worth every cent that I paid the man.
  • I had to look up the rule for payed and paid and I’m still confused.
  • I don’t need a new car, but I really want a new car.  Things I don’t like about my car other than I don’t think it’s cool enough:  bad turning ratio, no anti-lock brakes (hard to believe, but it’s true), no ability to hook up an MP3 player, too noisy on the highway.
  • The Ford Fusion is on my list for potential cars, but I have never been much of a Ford fan and even though the car looks somewhat elegant, it still doesn’t jazz me.  But what I do like about it is that it’s affordable, has great gas mileage, and has they cool Microsoft Sync feature.
  • As mention before, I’ve been eying an Infiniti.
  • I also can’t decide about a two door or four door model.
  • Someone told me this weekend that he didn’t believe in evolution because if you compare an eye to a watch, there’s no way a watch can be made without an intelligent maker.  While I respect his stance, I thought that was comparing apples to a microwave oven.
  • I had an interesting conversation via Twitter with a friend who was upset that someone resigned from a volunteer role via email.  I thought that was acceptable, but granted, I didn’t know the scope of the role, the amount of notice, or anything else about the volunteer position.
  • We both agreed that resigning via text is improper.
  • Best Buy’s CMO and a Gizmodo had an entertaining exchange
  • Superman punched a female cop
  • I watched an interesting special on GM on 20/20 Friday night.  First off, yes, that’s how I spend my wild and exciting Friday nights.  So I understand that there is a leaner more efficient GM, but I have two major concerns as I am now a taxpayer-owner of the company.  First off, I don’t think they have addressed the quality issue.  After about three years, you tend to get more electrical problems and annoying noises than you would with other cars.  And that kind of leads to my second concern, I wonder what the folks in their research and development department are going to create anything that people feel proud driving in.  Seriously, when I saw the Pontiac Aztek come about a few years ago, I wondered who on earth would really want to purchase such a thing brand new.
    2004 Aztek Rally
  • Here’s a little bit on the Aztek from CNN.
  • I often wonder how many vehicles, furniture, and clothes are never sold because they look so darn ugly.  And I wonder what happens to the stuff.
  • I thought it was cool that Dallas Cowboys Terence Newman and Courtney Brown visited their Australian teammate Mat McBriar and learned more about Australian rules footballArticle
  • For my fellow 1310 KTCK The Ticket fans, TheUnTicket has some great old television commercial they did back in 2004.
  • Mike Snyder might love Jane McGarry, but I really never cared for her and wonder why they keep her around.
  • However, this old clip of them debuting as anchors on the 10 PM newscast was interesting to watch.  Wow, they sure did sit close together.
  • And for any of you old Harold Taft fans, here you go.
  • And no one can day that his replacement David Finfrick can’t cut a rug.
  • Even though I’ve never been much of an KXAS fan, I did like Brad Wright.
  • And I just learned one of their reporters just died at age 48.
  • CBS Sunday Morning had an interesting historical piece about the NAACP.  I didn’t know that a group of people, mostly white people, were the founders.
  • Now that I think about, isn’t the name a bit outdated?  I wouldn’t think of referring to a black person as a colored person.  But then again, maybe they are keeping the name as is as a reminder of the past.
  • That’s one heck of a paper castle
  • WifeGeeding likes to watch Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel, and her latest excursion was to Dallas.  Interestingly enough, she was born in Big D.  But she only lived there for a year.  She actually grew up in New Hampshire.  She also has a blog and here’s what she had to say about her time in Dallas.
  • After watching her trip to Dallas, it only affirms what I said before, there’s really not much here for visitors; but I still love this place.
  • Oddly enough, the first place she visited was Strokers, a motorcycle riders paradise that I pass everyday to work.
  • Grace
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