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  • Our housing division sits between two cities, and both put on a pretty decent fireworks show.  Coppell’s held their fireworks show on the third, and we could actually see them looking our our front door window while sitting on the couch.  I tried to take several pictures, but none out very well.  Lewisville had theirs on the fourth, and we had to walk outside to the corner to see them.  It’s one of the highlights of the year.
  • WifeGeeding and I watched that Jackson family movie over the weekend.  Thank goodness for the DVR, the runtime was five hours but we got to fast forward through all the commercials.
  • I wasn’t aware that Jermaine Jackson was a producer of the movie, and his son played him in the movie.
  • Joe and Katherine had a total of ten children.  Wowzers.
  • For some reason I keep seeing Diane Diamond being interviewed about the Michal Jackson place.  He name rang a bell, but I couldn’t place it without some research.  Turns out she was on that now defunct tabloid show called Hard Copy.  I think the logo for the show was blue and yellow and hard a pyramid.  Anyways, she use to really get on my nerves.
  • John Hancock was the only one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence who actually signed it on July,4, 1775.  Most added their signature on Aug 2, 1776, and others signed it up until 1781.
  • While watching that historic Wimbledon match between Federer and Roddick I noticed how the shadow of the stadium on the court, and it reminded of Texas Stadium.
  • Tennis needed a match like that, I don’t think there’s been a real buzz around tennis for a while.
  • Sampras looked a bit weird at the match.  He looked like a manager of a Italian restaurant.
  • Roddick’s interview after the match was exceptionally classy.
  • Nike had a nice commercial that aired right after Federer won.  Actually, there were two commercials that aired right after he won.
  • I once heard Billy Jean King talk about her love for tennis and how she compares it to life in general.  That you have to position yourself, live with the consequence of each swing, and then quickly move on among other things.  For some reason it just stuck with me.
  • I found the altar call entry in Wikipedia a bit interesting for some reason.  In particular the external link in that article about 21 flaws of the altar call.  I’m not saying that I’m against or support the read, but that I just found it interesting.
  • I also found the Wikipedia entry for Quiverfull interesting – I recently heard the term on NPR.
  • Sarah Palin is just bizarre, and I’m still convinced that no one craves the spotlight more than her.
  • George Stephanopoulos runs the best Sunday morning political talk show, now that Tim Russert is gone.
  • Boy, it should would have been neat to still have him around.
  • KDFW use to have a show called Insights.  I say use to because it was recently canceled after 29 years.
  • That Steve McNair death was shocking and very bizarre.  One of the toughest QB’s I can remember, but it’s just strange that he’s a married man with four children, who has a girlfriend.  Now, I can probably see that he and his wife were separated, so maybe that part makes sense.  But it turns out that he and his girlfriend both hand their names on the title of a vehicle.  I know there was a mention of a shotgun wound to the head.  If you have ever used a shotgun before, you know this will be a closed casket funeral.  But I also heard something that there were four shots total.
  • The Weather Channel will no longer be playing jazz but soft rock.
  • Real life Oregon Trail
  • A nice picture of Mount Rushmore
  • The Michael Jackson Simpsons aired last night – that was cool.  Here’s a back story on the episode – the coolest part being that Jackson didn’t take credit for the speaking parts.
  • I didn’t know that Michael Jackson and Madonna actually went on a date.
  • Can you remember what hand Michael Jackson wore his white glove?  I see most impersonators mess this up.  Here’s your answer.
  • A bit of a funny story . . . a man is loading up his SUV and has a sandwich, then a bear hits him on his head and steals the sandwich.  It would have been funnier (but deadlier) if he fought the bear back for the sandwich in a Homer Simpson kinda moment.
  • We just started to feed our dogs Bil-Jac.
  • Grace
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  1. kim says:

    Great news re: Weather Channel changing their music. Now if we could just get NPR to follow.

  2. David Bryant says:

    "A bit of a funny story . . . a man is loading up his SUV"

    The link does not appear to be working

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