Bag of Randomness


  • I was watching the Smithsonian Channel and noticed that Tom Cavanagh, aka Ed Stevens, has a new show where he goes through the vaults of the Smithsonian.  I think the show might have potential.
  • And I wish Ed would come out on DVD one day.
  • I’m not saying I support Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, and I know they tend to attach themselves to certain things, but I don’t understand why people are upset that they are with the Jackson family right now.  They are friends of the family, have been for quite some time, and I’ve seen them with Michael and Co. at other occasions.  All that just to show you a picture of Sharpton getting down.
  • I have never eaten a corny dog, and I don’t have a desire to try one.
  • The last time I can recall vomiting is the evening of January 28, 2001.
  • I only remember that because that’s the day the Ravens beat the Giants in the Super Bowl.
  • I hope I never hear any political party claim they are the parties of values – both continue to disappoint in that area.
  • As insensitive as this may sound, from a business perspective, Michael Jackson should be buried at Neverland with the mansion becoming a museum.  Unlike Graceland, Neverland has amusement rides, and that place can make a killing.
  • My father never let me play with fireworks, he thought they were too dangerous and said they were just money going up in smoke.
  • The funny part is, my father was a smoker when he told me that “going up in smoke line.”
  • Some technical stuff about U2’s concert screen.
  • It looks like Dell may have to sell 140,000 monitors for $15 a piece.
  • I once caught a pricing error on Home Depot’s website.  They were selling a GE stove and stovetop set for $45.  I made the purchase online, got the receipt, but later I got a follow up email saying they couldn’t honor the purchase.
  • I’ve never been one to believe in that whole celebrities die in threes thing.  But there’s now a Death Trilogy Commissioner who has a blog.
  • Have a happy, eventful or restful, and safe 4th of July.
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. David Bryant says:

    – I agree about Ed. How can you not like a show about a bowling alley lawyer (I am not a bowling alley lawyer. I am a lawyer that owns a bowling alley…they are separate things)

    -I don't know if I can be blog-friends with someone that doesn't eat corny dogs. That is somehow un-Texan

    – Bust a move Al Sharpton…

  2. Sharon says:

    I agree with you on the Neverland museum thing. I think they should also find a way to revise the laws to allow him to be buried there. Neverland, that city and the state would make billions.

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