Apple Software Update Stops Palm Pre Access to iTunes

July 15 (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. released an update to its iTunes online store today that prevents the software from working on Palm Inc.’s new Pre smart phone.

The free update, called ITunes 8.2.1, provides “important” bug fixes to the software, which runs music, video and applications on the iPhone and iPod media players, Cupertino, California-based Apple said in a posting on its Web site.

The update disables devices such as the Pre from connecting to the iTunes software, said Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple. “As we said before, newer versions of iTunes software may no longer provide syncing functionality with unsupported digital media players.”

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Guess I won’t be updating my iTunes anytime soon.

This really stinks.  I have my own personal boycott against ATT for how I was treated years ago, and vowed never to return to them, which means I can’t get an iPhone.  I really did like the idea of using my Pre to synch with my iTunes.  Heck, I haven’t bought music from iTunes for a very long time, but when I was able to sync my Pre to my iTunes, I started to buy music again.


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2 Responses to Apple Software Update Stops Palm Pre Access to iTunes

  1. Daniel says:

    Hang in there, Palm will just reverse engineer it and make it work again.. They have plenty of ex-iPhone developers that know how to do it. Then Apple will stop them again, and on and on…

  2. you need to just go to AT&T….do it! We've all had our experiences with the devil of telecommunications; but you have to cross over to the dark side!

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