Another Reason Why I Love Living in This Age

I just got a bootleg copy of the U2 360 concert in Barcelona last night and I’m listening to it while I work.

Good times.

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10 Responses to Another Reason Why I Love Living in This Age

  1. the honest mom says:


    i think you should publicly announce what other illegal items you purchase on the black market.

    excellent christian behavior.

  2. the honest mom says:

    nope, there's no plank. i don't feel bad at all. i suppose unless you frequent the u2 site where they say they basically use the term for the sake of ease you woudn't know they redefined the word. what? one out of a hundred might come up with a definition of bootleg other than – "Bootleg or bootlegging usually refers to making, transporting and/or selling illegal alcoholic liquor or copyrighted material; the term originates from concealing Hip flasks of alcohol in the legging of boots," and "Bootleg recording, an otherwise unavailable audio or video recording distributed without the artist's consent." Now that i know that u2 chooses to redefine the word i'll be certain to remember that. you didn't get a bootleg, you got new slang. glad i helped you remember to let everyone know that your "bootlegs" are actually legal. i'm okay with being ignorant about the fact that u2 changed the definition to suit themselves. i was utterly amazed you would admit to buying bootlegs hence, my comment. not so far out.

  3. Geeding says:

    – i don't get your judgmental and negative attitude
    – i wasn't trying to make you feel bad nor do I think David was. you told me that I should make a public announcement, which I did. and I just wanted to clarify I didn't do anything illegal.

    • the honest mom says:

      it was important to clarify that you weren't doing anything illegal (many people think things that they never bother to share). perhaps you weren't consciously trying to make me feel bad but, "Have fun pulling that plank out of your eye," indicates what?
      as for being judgmental, sure i was! if on my blog i said, "i'm so sad i'm going to shoot someone," most people would be concerned and the police would be at my door just to hear that the expression means i'm off for a five dollar coffee from Starbucks.. as far as i knew, you bought a bootleg, proudly said so, and i responded in surprise really.
      yes, i was negative, it's much better to ask questions than it is to accuse or be tart. i must be short on fuse today because i rarely post on anything on blogs and, i enjoy yours very much.
      please accept my apology for my lack of thoughtful commentary.

      • Geeding says:

        I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and to do so very thoughtfully. Actually, it clarifies a few things up for me. I admit my plank and tongue comment was a bit stern, but when I read the "excellent christian behavior" comment I just took that really personally and reacted, rather than respond.

  4. Geeding says:

    You're right Peter, the sound quality isn't that great, but I get an overall feel for the concert. In particular, I wanted to hear how Bono sounded singing the two Michael Jackson songs. As I expected, he's not Michael, but he was better than I thought he would be.

  5. the honest mom says:

    I relate! but .. don't you want to share what was clarified? i am truly interested.



    • Geeding says:

      Oh . . . I just felt attacked and thought you were trying to vilify me, but through our follow up comments to each other, I think i see your intent.

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