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The Girl That Had A Heart Transplat That Healed The Old Heart

LONDON – British doctors designed a radical solution to save a girl with major heart problems in 1995: they implanted a donor heart directly onto her own failing heart. After 10 years with two blood pumping organs, Hannah Clark’s faulty … Continue reading

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Scared Bear

The absolute best part comes at the 45 second mark. The second best part happens around the 2:27 mark. And the third best part is around the 1:15 mark. Talk about one terrified bear.

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Domino’s Pizza Green Graffiti

Domino’s Pizza is launching an environmentally-friendly and potentially controversial marketing campaign with a unique twist to promote its Domino’s American Legends specialty pizzas. In an overnight secret mission, 220 Domino’s Pizza logos have been strategically “blasted” onto sidewalks in three … Continue reading

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Public Service Ad Done In Poor Taste

Six-foot high posters of a toddler eating dog mess have been credited with persuading owners to clean up after their pets in the seaside town of Torbay, Devon. Torbay Council launched the controversial poster campaign at the end of April … Continue reading

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Beat It Guitar Solo Michael Jackson Tribute

Notice the guy doesn’t have his right hand . . .

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Ticked-Off Tuesday

Name one thing that has been ticking you off as of late. For me . . . it’s people who don’t place shopping carts in a designated area.  It ticks me off that shopping carts are in parking places ready … Continue reading

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Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Because everyone likes bacon and there’s no reason to restrict its intake to breakfast, ice cream expert David Lebovitz experimented by making candied bacon ice cream. Considering that the resulting smoky/salty/cinnamon-tinged dessert got a thumbs up from his butcher, it … Continue reading

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World’s Fastest Everything

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Teen who mistook hiker for bear gets 30 days

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. (AP) — A teenage hunter who shot and killed a hiker he mistook for a bear has been sentenced to 30 days in juvenile detention and 120 hours of community service. Tyler J. Kales, then 14, was … Continue reading

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Awful Library Books Blog

Awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com is a collection of the worst library holdings. The items featured here are so old, obsolete, awful or just plain stupid that we are horrified that people might be actually checking these items out and depending on the information. … Continue reading

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Darth Porkchop?

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Bag of Randomness

Honestly, sometimes I feel like I work with a bunch of clowns. For you local folks that like to eat neat but cheap, KRLD Restaurant Week just posted what restaurants will be participating.  You can make reservations now, but Restaurant … Continue reading

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