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Casey Kasem’s final countdown

It’s the final countdown—again—for Casey Kasem.  The radio legend will wind up his “American Top 40” spin-off programs, “American Top 20” and “American Top 10,” on July 4— a date of significance: He created the franchise on July 4, 1970. … Continue reading

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Pet python strangles toddler

A pet python broke out of its holding tank and strangled a two-year-old girl in the bedroom of her home in Florida, local authorities said. The 8ft (2.5m) albino Burmese python had also bitten Shaiunna Hare on her forehead several … Continue reading

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Dog Walks Horse

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Fancy Fast Food

These photographs show extreme makeovers of actual fast food items purchased at popular fast food restaurants. No additional ingredients have been added except for an occasional simple garnish. www.fancyfastfood.com For instance, they took this and made this

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Baptist school cancels mission trip for church dismissed from SBC

FORT WORTH, Texas (ABP) — A Kentucky Baptist university has, at the last minute, withdrawn its invitation to host a youth mission team from Texas after the Southern Baptist Convention disfellowshipped their church for its toleration of homosexuals. Brent Beasley, … Continue reading

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Schoolboy banned over moustache

A DAD has slammed a school’s decision to send his son home for having a moustache – because it doesn’t fit in with a strict uniform policy. Akaash Iqbal, 14, was banished from Manchester Academy – and says teachers told … Continue reading

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Squirrel Eats Lemon

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I’ll Be There – Acapella

There are a lot of YouTube vidoes where the instruments of Michael Jackson’s songs have been taken out, so all you hear is his voice.  I knew he had an amazing voice, but after listening to several of these really … Continue reading

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Christian Values Character Honesty

On a related note, this part of an article about Gov Sanford left me scratching my head. In the AP interviews, Sanford laid out his thoughts and feelings in sometimes lurid or odd detail. For example: He said close Christian … Continue reading

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Happy Fouth

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Michael Jackson Shatters Billboard Records

This is impressive, and historic.  I doubt anything like this, on this scale, ever happens again. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Michael Jackson albums and Jackson-related compilations hold the top nine positions on Billboard’s Top Pop Catalog chart, all posting remarkable … Continue reading

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Vanity Fair Palin Article

Two items caught my attention from this article: Soon Palin will take a crack at her own story: she has signed a book contract for an undisclosed but presumably substantial sum, and has chosen Lynn Vincent, a senior writer at … Continue reading

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