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Spider Man Saves The Day

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Kid Steals Family Car to Avoid Going to Church

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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Menarche Parties R’ Us

Thank you for visiting Menarche Parties R’ Us. We are moms that have created an exciting way to celebrate a girl’s transition into womanhood. Our goal is to take the pressure of mothers and daughters when it comes to talking … Continue reading

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For My Fellow G.I. Joe Fans

Buy the shirt here.

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Wheel of Justice

Picayune police nabbed their first suspect Tuesday using the department’s newly created “Wheel of Justice,” which puts the names of those wanted for drug offenses on a wheel for police officers to spin to determine who to arrest next. At … Continue reading

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Snuggie For Dogs


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Dog on a Swing

He looks scared at first, but then he looks looks like he is enjoying it.

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Bag of Randomness

Usually I have nothing but praise for DirecTV, but I smell something fishy.  Months ago I decided to cancel my NFL Sunday Ticket subscription because it was hard for me to justify spending about $300 for the package, even though … Continue reading

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Super Dad

While holding his kid who was holding his jumbo drink he catches a foul ball bare-handed.

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Beluga whale ‘saves’ diver

A drowning diver has told how she was saved by a whale that pushed her back to the surface when she suffered crippling cramps. Link

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Hawaii residents now taxed on Vegas winnings even if they lose

A new bill signed into law this month by Gov. Linda Lingle has some frequent Las Vegas visitors and local CPAs scratching their heads. Under House Bill 1495, no longer will gamblers be able to offset their winnings with their … Continue reading

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Tattood Texan Librarian Calendar

A fundraising activity for the TLA LIBRARY DISASTER RELIEF FUND, this calendar showcases the charms and often concealed art of 18 women of the Texas library community. As members of the Texas Library Association, these women volunteered to reveal their … Continue reading

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