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Interesting Michael Jackson Death Story Evolution Post

All of this comes from a great technology blog call The Raw Feed. I have the entire post copied below, but without embedded links that was with the original article.  Of course if you visit the original post, which I … Continue reading

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How embarrassing for the mummy . . .

Scan reveals Egyptian mummy thought to be a woman is a man NEW YORK — A scan performed at a suburban New York City hospital shows an ancient Egyptian mummy thought for centuries to be a woman is a man. … Continue reading

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Weiner Dog

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Values Voters Summit 2009 Minus Gov Sanford

The Family Research Council organizes the Values Voters Summit.  Below are the listed of confirmed and invited speakers as it appears on their website as of right now. But if use the Google Cache and look at their website as … Continue reading

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Gay Exorcism Video

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Pope Prefers Communion on Tongue

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 26, 2008 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI would prefer to distribute communion on the tongue and to people who are kneeling, according to the master of papal liturgical ceremonies. Full Article

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Protect The Texas Jaguarundi!! He’s Cute!!

Ever heard of the jaguarundi? Neither have we. Perhaps that’s because this unique type of cat that lives along the Texas border with Mexico is endangered. Perhaps it’s because nobody really cares. We’re guessing it’s a bit of both, but … Continue reading

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German court rules pupils can rate teachers online

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German court ruled Tuesday that schoolchildren may rate their teachers online, rejecting the case of a woman who argued her rights had been infringed by pupils who gave her bad grades on a popular website. The … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Star Wars humor – It’s a trap! I read an article about how the FAFSA forms will be easier to fill out.  The part that caught my attention was how the Dept of Education and the IRS will form a … Continue reading

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