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He’s been hanging around Clinton a bit too much

If I were to tell you there’s a picture of a woman in a bikini sitting on a former president’s lap, you would automatically think Clinton, right? The lady in the picture is from “A Chorus Line.”  The cast was … Continue reading

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Leopard Attacks a Crocodile

These are the incredible pictures which show the first ever leopard attack on a crocodile. Hal Brindley snapped the amazing moment a leopard snatched a crocodile at a South African game reserve on the only occasion this behaviour has ever … Continue reading

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Hospital Food Photos From Around the World

This is from a hospital in Japan. More photos here.

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Welcome to BlindSearch, the search engine taste test. Type in a search query above, hit search then vote for the column which you believe best matches your query. The columns are randomised with every query. The goal of this site … Continue reading

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Top Political Blogs

1 The Huffington Post 2 Think Progress 3 The Corner 4 Political Ticker – CNN 5 The Daily Dish 6 Political Punch 7 Michelle Malkin 8 Instapundit.com 9 Talking Points Memo 10 Political Animal From Wikio.com, it’s a ranking of … Continue reading

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American survives terrifying train ride in Australia

Nothing like clinging on to the side of a train for a two hour ride.

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So you’re a college student that has to turn in an assignment online, but you need more time.  So instead of turning in a cruddy assignment, you send your instructor a corrupted file.  Since the instructor will be unable to … Continue reading

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President Obama’s French food tested by ‘taster’

I’ve always heard of this, but never knew if it was just an urban legend or not. PARIS (AFP) — A US “taster” tested the food being dished up to President Barack Obama at a dinner in a French restaurant, … Continue reading

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Our Population Center is Moving

The mean centre of US population is “the point at which an imaginary, flat, weightless and rigid map of the US would balance perfectly if weights of identical value were placed on it so that each weight represented the location … Continue reading

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