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A not so positive prayer for Obama

ARLINGTON, Texas (ABP) — A prominent African-American pastor says Southern Baptist leaders should publicly repudiate comments by a former Southern Baptist Convention officer that he is praying for President Obama to die. Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, … Continue reading

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Mom and Dad Should Be Proud

Two parts of this story of a sister (valedictorian) and brother (salutatorian) who graduate today stood out: But when Karen, 19, first moved from Colombia to Irving 10 years ago, she spoke no English and had to repeat the third … Continue reading

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Corey and Rachel have one heck of a wedding invitation

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Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products

I never knew they ventured in to pasta. Link

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You know you are having a bad day when . . .

This is the moment a group of holidaymakers had a Jaws-dropping experience off the coast of Britain after getting up close – to seven massive sharks. The school of basking sharks were spotted near swimmers and people in small boats … Continue reading

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It’s like a dance-off, but instead of dancing, it’s a bunch of upper body exercises

I think there may be a few curse words, just a warning. And to think most of my time at the playground was spent on the merry-go-round – which you can’t find anywhere in Texas anymore.

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Common causes behind your body’s little quirks

Whether uncomfortable, embarrassing or just plain weird, there are some pretty funky things that our bodies do. Curious about the causes of such reactions as hiccups, goose bumps and eye twitches, we spoke with Eric Plasker, DC, author of The … Continue reading

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Brave Little Fellow

Daring rodent shows puzzled leopard exactly who’s boss by stealing its lunch. Article (and more pics)

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Bag of Randomness

Yesterday WifeGeeding woke up in a very chipper mood because it was the last day of school.  To celebrate, I took her to dinner last night.  The picture above (I know, the quality is poor because it’s from the camera … Continue reading

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