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Duh! Headline of the Day


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Current News Quiz

Take the Pew Research quiz here – it’s only 12 questions. I’m actually surprised I missed two questions since I’m somewhat of a news junkie, but it still puts me above the national average. You can also break down your … Continue reading

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Sugar Stacks

We’ve used regular sugar cubes (4 grams of sugar each) to show how the sugars in your favorite foods literally stack up, gram for gram. Compare foods, find out where sugar is hiding, and see how much of the sweet … Continue reading

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Just in case you ever get put in jail while in Baltimore


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Bacon Cups

Read the story behind the bacon cup at Not Martha.

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A Step Up from the Wii?

Xbox introduces controller-free gaming and entertainment. Get off the couch and get in the game – no controller required!

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99 Seinfeld References

And the answers.

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Where does NASA keep near perfect moon landing tapes?

In an abandoned McDonald’s restaurant of course. KTVU Article Additional Photos Photo Credit Steve Jurvetson

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She only suffered a minor head wound

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Bag of Randomness

The advantage of being able to wear sandles to work is that there aren’t too many socks to wash at the end of the week. The disadvantage is my feet sometimes get cold. When I watch House, I tend to … Continue reading

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