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Closed For About A Week

Family is more important than blogging, and with my sister visiting from the East Coast, I would rather spend time with her than on a computer.  But that’s not to say I might sneak a post or two along the … Continue reading

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Banker Helps Baby Ducks

This is a few days old as I saw it on the news, but I just took the time to find the story online.  It’s cute and touching all in one.  Watch and say, “Ahhhhhh.” If you haven’t seen this, … Continue reading

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Buy one at dans-products.com.

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Fireball Tennis

[Thanks, Warren!]

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world, isn’t it?

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In short, know when to pee while at a movie.  What a great idea.  They even take it a step further by not only telling the specific time to go and what’s happening, but there’s a section that’s scrambled that … Continue reading

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After the Rapture: Orlando man will deliver messages to those left behind

There are those who believe in the Rapture prophesied in the Bible. And there is Joshua Witter, avowed atheist. They need each other. At least some people think so — those willing to pay Witter to be their post-apocalyptic postman, … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Talk about an ironic tattoo. Oh to be young, single, only care about self image and forget about finanical planning again . . . I found two 2005 Maseratis with under 30,000 miles for under $45,000 on sale at a … Continue reading

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