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Kinda Like Footloose

A senior at Heritage Christian School will be suspended Monday for attending Findlay High School’s prom because the event involves dancing and rock music. A Heritage School committee decided Wednesday that Tyler Frost, 17, will be suspended if he attends … Continue reading

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Enormous Shark’s Secret Hideout Finally Discovered

After half a century of searching, scientists have finally discovered what happens to the world’s second largest shark every winter: It has a Caribbean hideout. Basking sharks, which can grow up to 33 feet long and weigh more than a … Continue reading

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Silly Kangaroo

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Star Wars spills into the chipmunk universe!

View more of these pics on Chris McVeigh’s Flickr page. Photos reprinted with permission.

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Church, school clash over proselytizing

COLORADO SPRINGS — Representatives of a local Christian church tried to lure a seventh-grader at Russell Middle School into a church van last week, school district officials said. As a result, the principal sent students home with a letter to … Continue reading

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Awkward Family Photos

More awkward family photos at AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.

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Dog or Seal?

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Bag of Randomness

Seriously, this whole Oprah KFC coupon thing and this story reminded me of The Family Guy episode where Peter fights the chicken over a bad coupon. I’m not a fan of putting together a puzzle. Rep Jim Moran wants to … Continue reading

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