Yet Another North Texas Pastor Encourages Sex in Sermons

And it appears he has upped the ante:

Pastor Andrew Werley has challenged married First Baptist Church members in Anna to have sex with their spouses 100 times a year, or at least twice a week.

But there’s something included in the video that’s not in the article . . . everytime the couple has sex, they should be a dollar aside in order to buy gifts for each other.

It’s just a matter of time before one of my pastoral friends end up on this blog because of a sex sermon.  Hopefully it won’t be my friend Tim who’s a university minister, and it better not be my friend Jonathan who is a children’s pastor.

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2 Responses to Yet Another North Texas Pastor Encourages Sex in Sermons

  1. DavidBryant says:

    Come on now, I think you should be challenging Jonathan to step up with this subject. I would think an accomplished children's pastor should be able to address the subject in a way that would shock the parents yet leave the kids wondering what in the world he was talking about.

    The question…is Jonathan up to the challenge?

  2. jonathancliff says:

    Not gonna do it…in fact NOT having to talk about sex is one of the benefits of NOT being a Youth Pastor. 🙂

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