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U.S. President Gerald Ford being vaccinated for Swine Flu by Dr. William Lukash, 1976

Wikipedia And to think the shot didn’t even help – President Ford only lived an additional 30 years after receiving the vaccination. Rumor has it that those that include bacon as part of a daily diet may be prone to … Continue reading

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After 100 Days, How’s Dubya?

The Dallas Morning News has a section where users can upload pictures of themselves with the 43rd president. (Hey Tommy, see, I’m not the only one that calls him Dubya, our and his hometown newspaper does too.  And since you … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Tracking

View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map

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Tan Hong Ming In Love

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Yet Another North Texas Pastor Encourages Sex in Sermons

And it appears he has upped the ante: Pastor Andrew Werley has challenged married First Baptist Church members in Anna to have sex with their spouses 100 times a year, or at least twice a week. But there’s something included … Continue reading

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Clever Dog

And no, I’m not referring to Ellen.

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10 Most Important Obama Faith Moments

From expanding the White House’s faith-based office to opening his rallies with prayer, Barack Obama has embraced faith in a more visible way than any other president in recent memory. At the same time, Obama’s actions on a variety of … Continue reading

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Karma Chameleon Telephone

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Mortgage Story With A Happy Ending

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Bag of Randomness

Twitterers who keep up with the news should get the above image. No one wanted to save grandma from the dog. Pillows for the graphic designer in your life. U.S. Airways found another way to charge their customers . . … Continue reading

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