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James Kuhn, the man who painted his face every day of the year, has finished the 365-day project


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God’s Top Gun of Deliverance

You have to at least watch from the 53 second mark on.

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A 400-year-old mummified cat has been found in the walls of a house that was being renovated

The cat, which is in recognisable shape and still has its claws and teeth, may have been placed in the walls of the house in Devon, to ward off evil spirits. Richard Parson, a funeral director, who owns the house … Continue reading

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100 Single Ladies stop traffic with Beyonce’s famous leggy dance in Piccadilly Circus

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Bag of Randomness

People seem to enjoy forwarding me negative emails attacking Obama, as if they think that one email is going to be an epiphany and will totally cause me to turn and hate the guy.  The latest was something saying he … Continue reading

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