The Rich Get Richer


This, in a nutshell, is Stanford Kurland’s excellent adventure: as President of Countrywide Financial, until the meltdown of America’s largest domestic mortgage lender, he invented and peddled the sub-prime mortgage; he bailed out in time to cash a personal $200 million-worth of shares; now he is buying back these same toxic mortgages for pennies on the dollar, and making millions all over again.

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  1. Chris O says:

    Good morning from MN, SirGeeding. I hope this finds you and yours well. I noticed that you had purchased some stock in an earlier post. You may want to buy up some stock in CountryWide. According to my buddy in real estate/finance, he says that CountryWide is going to make a comeback and it's going to be huge. Something to do with their having the service contracts for all of their loans. Just thought I would pass this little tip along to you and your readers. I'm buying in as much as we can afford.

    Have a safe and fun weekend,

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