For all the Chick-fil-A Lovers

WifeGeeding lovers her some Chick-fil-A, and can’t wait to be reunited after Lent is over.

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4 Responses to For all the Chick-fil-A Lovers

  1. Bryan says:

    I love Tim Hawkins. He did a concert at our church a few years ago. He has an equally funny song about Subway to the tune of a boy band song.

  2. darren says:

    Well done. I'm playing that on the ole radio show tomorrow!

  3. sister says:

    ***drool*** They don't have Chick-fil-A up here….oh, the waffle fries. I don't like you now.

  4. Nathan S. says:

    Chick-fil-a is uh.. chick food. Guys are allowed to like it, but not love it.

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