Bag of Randomness


  • I rely too much on my FireFox automatic spellchecker.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just turns itself off without notice, so I don’t know if something is misspelled.  Technology, you have failed me, and you are on notice.
  • It was almost comical seeing how How I Met Your Mother was trying to hide the pregnancies of the two girls on that show.
  • I’m looking forward to watching I Get That A Lot on CBS come this Wednesday.
  • House was really good last night.  Most of it was filmed from the perspective of someone who could do nothing more than blink.
  • This article states that PETA actually kills animals and doesn’t operate one adoption shelter.
  • Newt Gingrich will become a Catholic this Easter  Link
  • I keep getting emails from U2 to buy advance tickets, but it’s for cities that I’m no where close to, and those emails also provide a list of other scheduled cities . . . Dallas isn’t on the list.  I knew I was right not to trust that Dallas Morning News ticket broker site.  I’m wondering if they will even be able to play in the new Cowboys stadium . . . I’m thinking their setup won’t fit under those giant HD screens.
  • As I predicted last week, as I bring up Obama related stuff, critical comments will follow.  Most appear to more passionate than constructive, but that’s how political talk goes most of the time.
  • My friend Jonathan can’t stand cats, so here’s a stupid cat video.
  • An interesting blog with a URL that says it all:
  • If you are every just really bored and just want to chat with a random stranger, here you go.  I tried it out and started chatting with someone from the UK about the monarchy.
  • Or if that doesn’t help pass the time, how about watching Twitter tweets scroll by, with the option of selecting a few key words as the topic for the tweets.  Link
  • I hear there’s a lawyer in Wise county trying to help his clients get out of tickets by selling them the Anti-Ticket Donut.
  • I don’t like jelly.  Actually, I’ve never tried jelly, so when I make a peanut butter sandwich it’s just bread and peanut butter.  Sometimes the bread is toasted, but if it’s not, I enjoy squishing the bread.
  • Man, taking a nap is usually the worst thing I can ever do.  When I wake up, I usually feel out of it for several hours, and then my sleep pattern is messed up.  And for some reason, I’m always cold after waking up after a nap.
  • I heard someone suggest that the best way to protect the Texas – Mexico border was to put a lot of alligators in the Rio Grande.
  • I saw an Enzyte commercial the other day – I thought that company went out of business.  Man, those commercials made watching ESPN awkward family watching.  Did you know the creator of that company was also the man behind those Fat Head sports posters?
  • I wonder what makes a person a Texan?  Does one have to simply be born here, but what if he or she moves away?  If someone wasn’t born here but now lives here, when can he or she be considered a Texan?  The Jonas Brothers just moved here, are they Texans?  Eisenhower was born in Texas but didn’t spend much time here, is he considered a Texan? The 43rd president wasn’t born or educated here, but he became governor, so I guess that makes him a Texan.  George Michael has a place in Dallas, is he considered a Texan?  Can Jerry Jones now be considered a Texan after living in Dallas and owning the Cowboys for over 20 years?
  • Map of  legal drinking age around the world
  • Looking into the past
  • Grace
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MamaToots says:

    Try "dozing" instead of "napping". I find that a 10-15 minute snooze in my recliner………NEVER ON THE BED!!….is a great way to get the second and third wind for the day. If I get on the bed it becomes a nap………..and that's too much!

  2. Steve in San Antonio says:

    As soon as you enter REM sleep, you are screwed b/c you will need a full sleep cycle to not wake up tired. You usually enter REM anywhere from 30min to one hour after falling asleep, hence the recommendation to nap for 15 minutes. So, either take a power nap of 15 minutes, or block off 3 hours to nap.

    You woe me $180 for this sleep consult.

  3. Geeding says:

    It's good to know that BagOfNothing has a doctor on call. 😉

    • David says:

      I am glad to know you have a Dr. on call. Do you think he would send me a prescription if I sent him some pictures of this unusual growth on my … Oh, never mind …

  4. warren says:

    The legal age drinking map is wrong. Canada does not have a uniform drinking age. For the provinces of Quebec, Manitoba & Alberta (probably about half the population of the country combined) the drinking age is 18. The rest of the country is 19.

    Nobody checks ID up here anyways.

  5. jonathancliff says:

    Thank you so very much for the cat video…made my day!

  6. dan says:

    I was wondering the same thing about the Enzyte commercials. In August 2008, the owner/founder was convicted of numerous counts of fraud in federal court and sentenced to 25 years in prison. His mother was also found guilty and sent to prison. Someone bought what was left of the bankrupt company. It’s amazing its still being advertized unless they are tinkering with the wording. The product itself was determined to be a fraud with no scientific basis behind its claims

  7. Sharon says:

    ****I think, according to Hank Hill (who was not born in Texas) you should be born in Texas to be a Texan but there are some exceptions (if I interpreted the episode correctly).

    ****I hate all those enzyte commericals.

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