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And the Stewart/Cramer Saga Continues

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More U2 Dallas News

Team executive Stephen Jones told a crowd at the University of Texas at Arlington that the team was close to booking the Jonas Brothers and AC/DC at the Cowboys’ new stadium. He also said a deal for a U2 concert … Continue reading

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Fun At A City Council Meeting

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The 10 Major Newspapers That Will Either Fold or Go Digital Next

1. The Philadelphia Daily News 2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3. The Miami Herald 4. The Detroit News 5. The Boston Globe 6. The San Francisco Chronicle 7. The Chicago Sun Times 8. NY Daily News 9. The Fort Worth … Continue reading

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All The Turtle Wants Is A Kiss

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Remember the 12 CD’s for the Price of One Days?

BMG Music Service stopped accepting new members this week, marking the end of the once-ubiquitous “12 for the price of one” offers that the mail-order CD club was known for. A spokesperson for BMG Music Service parent Direct Brands confirmed … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I think that movie BIg Fish is sticking with me as I dreamed about my death the other night.  It was much like the movie in that I was walking towards the river, but on my own, and just about … Continue reading

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