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Today is National Grammar Day

So here are ten tips for good grammar.

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Creative Theme Park Video Souvenir

When you arrive at the park, come into the YourDay shop on Towers Street and we’ll give you a wristband containing a radio frequency chip, which will identify your footage on all the big rides and as you walk around … Continue reading

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Shot Glasses for Jesus

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Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong

A lot of guys try to come up with proposal scenarios that their girlfriends will remember forever. So give Reed Harris credit for accomplishing that goal — even if it turned out to be in don’t-try-this-at-home fashion. The idea was … Continue reading

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A Baptist Review of the New U2 Album

(ABP) — “This is the most thoroughly Christian thing they’ve done yet.” That was my initial reaction to the last two U2 albums in 2000 and 2004. In retrospect, that was just as true of the triad of albums U2 … Continue reading

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ShamWow Prayer Cloth

via the Sacred Sandwich

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Virtual Reality

When 13-year-old Evan Spencer wanted to play the ultraviolent video game Call of Duty, his parents gave him the green light, on one condition: He had to follow the Geneva Conventions. Full Article

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Utah No. 1 in online porn subscriptions

Utahns, famous for their wholesomeness and frugality, buy online pornography at higher rates than the rest of America. That’s the conclusion of a Harvard economics professor who tracked subscriptions to online porn sites. Utah ranks No. 1 in subscriptions, according … Continue reading

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