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Bag of Random Lost Thoughts

Widmore made mention that Locke’s parents had a sense of humor with his name, so he made sure his alias also had a bit of humor to it as well.  Both names, John Locke and Jeremy Benthan, represent two opposing … Continue reading

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New Math

I can’t get enough of this website. More at NewMath.com

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Spiritual Gifts and the Super Bowl

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Two Million Dollars Down the Drain

A 1989 video about a Pontiac future car. And yes, he did say “funky CD player.” To be fair, there’s some good ideas for 1989 and even today, but it seems they never really followed up on them.

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Your SAT Scores and Musical Taste

Virgil Griffith, popularly known for the Wikipedia Scanner that detects where the Wikipedia edits are coming from, maintains another very interesting project that maps musical tastes of college students with their intelligences levels (determined by their SAT score). The x-axis … Continue reading

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Largest Christian Groups Report Membership Decline

The Southern Baptist Convention and the Roman Catholic Church – the two largest Christian communions in the country – have joined the ranks of mainline denominations in reporting membership losses, the latest church yearbook shows. After years of continuous growth, … Continue reading

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News for my Methodist readers

The United Methodist Reporter has again been named the best national newspaper by the Religion Communicators Council, an interfaith organization of more than 600 religion communicators across the country. Link I wasn’t aware they are a Dallas based publication.

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Paper airplane launched from the 31st floor of a NYC office building

Flying from Sam Fuller on Vimeo.

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Bag of Randomness

I found an article in Christianity Today called Memo to Worship Bands.  It actually starts out a bit funny: Can you hear me? You can? I’m sorry if I am shouting, but I have just spent half an hour in … Continue reading

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